Welcome and thank you for viewing J.I. Enterprises. J.I Enterprises is a strategic consulting company designed to provide employers an opportunity to outsource the responsibility and extensive resources of managing a company’s worker compensation claims, along with human resources related issues.
While employers continue to face challenges related to high worker's compensation claim costs, J.I. Enterprises provide a combination of experience as a former claims adjuster and Director of Safety experience to not only assist lowering claim costs, but to provide value-added services to senior leadership and front line management. This wide array of expertise provides your associates in a safe environment, and provide direct and indirect savings to an employer's bottom line.
What We Do
  1. Human Resources and Worker's Compensation Management
    J.I. Enterprises provide critical insight into how worker's compensation incidents may impact human resources related issues. Such issues may involve FMLA, ADA, and general policy/disciplinary issues.
  2. Complex Problem Solving
    After a workplace accident occurs, it is difficult to anticipate how it evolves from a minor injury to a claim that may costs tens of thousands of dollars. J.I. Enterprises will provide in-depth problem solving by solid root cause analysis, and providing recommendations to avoid future incidents.
  3. Training and Development
    The needs of management continue to evolve. J.I. Enterprises provide ongoing training based on the needs of each client. J.I. Enterprises can create the training appropriate for the client's industry and scope of focus.
  4. Liaison between Client and Insurance Carrier
    It is proven that having an internal risk manager lowers claim costs by holding insurance carriers and TPAs accountable for working the claims towards optimal resolution. J.I. Enterprises can serve as an intermediary for the client to ensure that claim costs are contained in a reasonable fashion.
  5. Extensive Use of Trusted and Reliable Resources
    Through numerous years of experience, J.I. Enterprises have developed meaningful relationships with physicians, attorneys, case management, and third party vendors who are trusted to provide quality results for reasonable rates. Insurance carriers often do not look at costs when making recommendations.
  6. Claims Review and Consultation
    J.I. Enterprises provides regular reviews of open claims with their clients to ensure that claims are moving appropriately towards resolution.
  1. “With Dr. Duncan’s assistance, our facility was able to identify areas of potential risk that we could quickly and easily address to make our environment safer. Dr. Duncan also helped us ensure that we were consistently tracking and documenting multiple areas of litigation risk related to clinical documentation, workplace injuries, and facility safety standards.”

    Executive Director, Missouri, 2015

  2. In the crazy, ever-changing world of Risk Management, Dr. Duncan is a beacon of light. He is able to make clear what is traditionally felt to be a discombobulated mess. Working with Dr. Duncan put myself, and my staff, at ease.”

    Executive Director, Kansas, 2015