1. Strategic Management and Consultation
    Provide strategic advice to focus on claim costs, employee retention, lowering lost time and modified duty days, and a liaison between the employer and the insurance company.
  2. Virtual Training and Webinars
    Provide ongoing training, superior communication, and webinars that communicate with clients in “layman’s” terms from the beginning stages to resolution. The training opportunities are tailored to meet each client's individual needs based on assessment of trends, past performance, and challenges within the industry.
  3. Root Cause Analysis
    An injured associate is more than a claim number. The injured associate is a valuable asset to your company's operations. When an associate is injured, employers may not tend to look at the root cause of the injury. J.I. Enterprises identifies trends over time, and provides recommendations as to how to limit future injuries and impact the lost work days or days that an associate is on modified duty.
  4. Ongoing Claim Reviews
    Most insurance carriers and TPAs hold claim reviews at designated intervals. Although this is a good in understanding what is going on with a claim at that particular moment or at a particular financial level, it can be argued that the claims adjusters often do not thoroughly review the claim until a claim review is on the horizon. J.I. Enterprises will ensure that open claims are reviewed to hold claim adjusters accountable to the client's standards and expectations.
  5. Policy and Procedures
    J.I. Enterprises can develop training and resources to assist the client in documenting injuries, as well as protecting their financial interests. Consultation is available for clients who are interested in assessing how disciplinary and pre-hire process are affected by the worker's compensation system. Any legal updates that could have a significant impact towards human resources management are communicated to the client in the event that ADA, FMLA, and worker's compensation are affected concurrently.
  6. Loss Control Consultation
    Certain industries, namely those in the health care industry, continue to be on the OSHA's National Emphasis Program list. An effective loss control consultation can mitigate the risks of fines and citations. Use of mobile technology can assist clients in providing a virtual walkthrough to assess if there are any potential OSHA citations in their facilities.